Y-3 Spring 2024 Collection: A Fusion of Organic and Synthetic in Modern Sportswear

Contra-Natural Aesthetics: Y-3's Spring-Summer 2024 Collection Blends Organic and Synthetic Elements

Y-3 Spring 2024 Collection: A Fusion of Organic and Synthetic in Modern Sportswear


Explore Y-3’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection, where adidas and Yohji Yamamoto redefine modern sportswear through a blend of organic and synthetic elements, creating a unique and unexpected range.

Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto unveil their latest collaboration with Y-3’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection, an audacious exploration of Contra-Natural. This collection is where organic and synthetic elements merge to craft something both unique and unexpected, reflecting the essence of the Y-3 brand.

Rooted in adidas’ rich heritage of sports innovation, the collection is infused with Yohji Yamamoto’s avant-garde aesthetics. The color palette is a captivating mix, with Y-3’s signature Black, White, and Solid Gray being complemented by new shades such as Mesa, Clay Brown, Mint, and Shadow Red. These colors are inspired by the process of oxidation, paying tribute to the raw power and allure of nature.

The garments in this collection are a testament to bold cuts, meticulous tailoring, and expressive silhouettes. The collection is divided into drops, with the first featuring pieces adorned with a digital floral graphic, which vividly encapsulates the collection’s theme.

The second drop introduces sophisticated workwear-inspired garments, including a reimagined adidas Superstar Tracksuit with topographical map piping. The final drop is a lively assortment of summer-ready pieces, drawing inspiration from adidas’ Teamgeist soccer jerseys from the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

In the realm of footwear, Y-3 breaks barriers. The initial drop features new styles such as the Y-3 STAN SMITH, Y-3 COUNTRY, and Y-3 GSG9 LOW. The second drop heralds the return of the Y-3 GENDO and the introduction of the Y-3 S-GENDO RUN, a sleek high-top design with a floral graphic outsole. The Y-3 KYASU also makes a comeback in low and high-top versions, along with a new slip-on variant. The final installment introduces the Y-3 WATER SLIDE, Y-3 SANDAL, and a fresh iteration of the Y-3 ITOGO.

The collection’s lookbook, captured by the renowned Jordan Hemingway and styled by Robbie Spencer, features models Bunny Syxes, Ju Hyeok Lee, La Timpa, and Maty Drazek. The enthralling portraits accentuate Yohji Yamamoto’s innovative silhouettes, emphasizing the collection’s daring aesthetic.

Y-3’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection is a celebration of the fusion between organic and synthetic, showcasing the limitless possibilities when innovation meets nature. This collection is set to be a trendsetter in modern sportswear.

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