Step into the innovative world of NCT Tokyo, currently shining as NCT New Team. As the 6th unit of the globally recognized boy group NCT, they’re geared up to make an indelible mark in the K-pop universe.


NCT Tokyo, now known as NCT New Team, is set to enchant fans as the newest sub-unit of NCT under the prestigious banner of SM Entertainment. Formed through the survival show ‘NCT Universe: LASTART’, they are slated to unleash their pre-debut song, β€˜Hands Up’ on October 19, 2023, with an official debut by the close of the year.

Members’ Evolution

The ensemble of Sion, Riku, Yushi, Daeyoung, Ryo, and Sakuya promises to bring a diverse range of talents and energies to the forefront. Each member, with their unique flair, will contribute to the vibrant ethos of NCT New Team.

Achievements and Legacy

While they are at the dawn of their journey, the association with the iconic NCT legacy and the palpable excitement for their pre-debut release hint at the impactful legacy they are poised to create.


NCTzens, known for their undying love and support for all NCT sub-units, are eagerly awaiting the rise of NCT New Team. Their commitment and passion will undoubtedly form the backbone of NCT New Team’s success story.


Rebranding From Tokyo to New Team

Initially unveiled as NCT Tokyo, the evolution to NCT New Team indicates a refreshed identity and a reimagined journey ahead.

A Story of Survival

NCT New Team was sculpted from the intense competition of the survival show, ‘NCT Universe: LASTART’. This background underscores their resilience and determination.

A Much-Anticipated Prelude

Their pre-debut song, ‘Hands Up’, has already generated immense buzz within the K-pop community, setting the stage for a grand entry into the industry.

The Sixth Wonder

Being the 6th unit of the expansive NCT universe, NCT New Team has a rich lineage to live up to and bring new innovations to.

Diverse Origins

The members hail from varied backgrounds, enhancing the group’s versatility and ensuring a mix of different musical and performance styles.

Countdown to Official Debut

While the release of ‘Hands Up’ in October is just around the corner, fans are already marking their calendars for the group’s official debut by the end of 2023.

Undying Support of NCTzens

The fandom, NCTzens, play an instrumental role in building the anticipation for NCT New Team. Their unwavering support and enthusiasm are evident in their online campaigns and events leading up to the group’s debut.

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