Kiton KNT Spring 2024 Collection: A Fusion of Casual and Formal

The Spring-Summer 2024 Collection: A Sartorial Symphony

Kiton KNT Spring 2024 Collection: A Fusion of Casual and Formal


Discover the Kiton KNT Spring 2024 Collection, a harmonious blend of casual and formal wear, designed by the De Matteis twins. This collection is a vibrant showcase of traditional elegance with a contemporary twist.

The Spring-Summer 2024 Kiton KNT collection, a brainchild of the De Matteis twins, Mariano and Walter, is a vibrant display of traditional elegance intertwined with a modern flair. This collection is a sartorial narrative inspired by the picturesque island of Procida, with a contemporary twist that exudes a relaxed Californian coolness. The De Matteis twins have crafted a captivating blend of past and future, seamlessly merging the boundaries of formal and casual wear.

This collection features a captivating array of fluid, unstructured suits, accentuated by elongated jackets with slim, relaxed lapels. The twins have meticulously balanced every detail, subtly revising the fit to be softer and more relaxed—a refreshing departure from the stiffness of traditional men’s attire.

The De Matteis brothers have introduced an innovative trouser design known as the ‘WD’ model. With its classic front, wider leg, and an elasticated back, this design is a stylish nod towards comfort without compromising on style.

The party selection in the KNT collection showcases dinner jackets in ultra-lightweight cool wool, alongside double-breasted and single-breasted jackets with classic lapels. This selection brings a subtle charm to warm summer evenings.

The De Matteis brothers have also given sportswear a charming makeover in the KNT collection. They have seamlessly blended casual and athleisure, from oversized sweatshirts to trench coats and bomber jackets.

The collection’s standout pieces—the oversized bomber jacket with large, cargo-inspired pockets, the crisp cotton poplin drawstring shirt, and the versatile puffer jacket—are prime examples of this integration.

This season also marks the introduction of three new slim-fit denim models: the carrot, the multi-pocket, and the skinny fit. Keeping the selection of materials sophisticated and minimalist, the twins have used a blend of cool wool, cotton, and silk for shirts, trousers, and ultra-light knits, perfect for the spring-summer weather.

The Kiton KNT Spring-Summer 2024 collection is a testament to the modern urbanite who appreciates a blend of modern style and the practicality of daily wear. It’s a celebration of the fusion of casual and formal wear, a testament to the innovative vision of the De Matteis twins.

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