INFINITE (인피니트), a name that resonates with synchronicity, talent, and the art of timeless music in the K-Pop industry. Since their debut on June 9, 2010, under Woollim Entertainment, INFINITE has captivated audiences with their impeccable dance routines and compelling musical narratives. Even after the departure of Hoya in 2017 and their recent transition to INFINITE Company in 2023, the group continues to enchant fans, old and new, with their enduring charm and evolving sound.


Emerging with a distinct style and sharp choreography, INFINITE quickly set themselves apart in the competitive K-Pop arena. Their debut signaled the rise of a new force in Korean pop music, one that would go on to influence countless artists and fans alike.

Members’ Contribution

The synergy of INFINITE is powered by the collective talents of its members: Sungkyu, the group’s insightful leader with resonant vocals; Dongwoo, known for his dynamic rapping and energetic dance moves; Woohyun, whose soul-stirring voice captivates audiences; Sungyeol, the versatile performer; L, the visual and actor with a passionate following; and Sungjong, the maknae whose performances add a delicate strength to the group’s dynamic.

Global Impact and Recognition

INFINITE’s musical journey has transcended borders, earning them a dedicated international fanbase known as Inspirit. Their albums and singles have consistently charted across Asia, and their world tours have drawn in crowds by the thousands, solidifying their status as global K-Pop icons.


The Inspirit community is more than just fans; they are the heartbeat of INFINITE’s enduring legacy. This passionate group of supporters has been instrumental in the band’s continued success, echoing their music across the globe.


Beyond the Stage

The members of INFINITE have expanded their horizons beyond music, delving into acting, hosting, and other entertainment ventures, showcasing their multifaceted talents.

Solo Endeavors

Several members have embarked on solo musical projects and acting roles, further highlighting the individual talents that make up the cohesive unit of INFINITE.

The Choreography Kings

INFINITE has been hailed as the “Kings of Synchronization” for their flawless and intricate dance routines, setting a benchmark in the industry.

A New Era

With their move to INFINITE Company, the group has begun a promising new chapter, offering fans a refreshed and authentic musical experience.

The Inspirit Connection

The unique bond between INFINITE and Inspirit is celebrated in every lyric and performance, a testament to the group’s gratitude for their fans’ unwavering support.

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