iKON Profile

iKON Profile

iKON, a name that resonates with passion, talent, and resilience, has carved a unique niche in the K-pop industry. Their journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, showcases their unwavering dedication to their craft and fans.


iKON’s journey to stardom began with the reality show “Mix & Match,” where their formation was decided. Managed initially by YG Entertainment, they made a grand entrance into the music scene on September 15, 2015. Their music, a harmonious blend of hip-hop, pop, and ballads, quickly garnered attention and love from fans globally.

Members’ Journey

The group initially started as a seven-member ensemble. Bobby, known for his fiery raps; Jay, with his soothing vocals; JUNE’s powerful voice; Song’s melodic tunes; DK’s energetic performances; and Chan’s all-rounded talents form the current lineup. B.I, a significant contributor in the group’s early days, departed in June 2019. Each member brings a unique flavor to iKON, making their music versatile and relatable.

Transition and Evolution

iKON’s journey has seen its share of challenges. After a successful stint with YG Entertainment, they decided to part ways in December 2022. This transition led them to join 143 Entertainment in January 2023, marking a new chapter in their musical journey. Despite the changes, their commitment to producing quality music and entertaining their fans remains unwavering.


iKONIC, the official fandom name, stands as a testament to iKON’s impact in the music world. This dedicated group of fans has been with iKON through thick and thin, providing constant support and love. The bond between iKON and iKONICs is deep-rooted, built on mutual respect and admiration.


A New Beginning with 143 Entertainment

The shift from YG Entertainment to 143 Entertainment was a significant move for iKON. This transition signifies their desire for growth, evolution, and exploring new musical avenues.

iKON’s Reality Shows

Beyond their music, iKON has been a part of various reality shows, giving fans a closer look into their lives, personalities, and the bond they share as a group.

Global Tours and Recognition

iKON has embarked on several global tours, showcasing their prowess on stage. Their concerts are a blend of energy, emotion, and pure talent, making them a must-watch for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Diverse Discography

iKON’s music is not limited to one genre. They’ve explored hip-hop, ballads, pop, and more, showcasing their versatility and ability to resonate with a diverse audience.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The name “iKON” symbolizes the group’s aim to become iconic in the K-pop industry. Given their achievements, dedication, and talent, they’ve undoubtedly lived up to their name.

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