DKB Profile

DKB Profile


DKB (다크비) is a dynamic South Korean boy group under Brave Entertainment. Known for their energetic performances and versatile music styles, DKB has quickly made a name for themselves in the K-pop industry.


The group debuted on February 3, 2020, with the single ‘Sorry Mama’, marking their entry into the music scene with a strong and memorable performance. DKB stands for Dark Brown Eyes, symbolizing their intent to bring depth and intensity to their music.

Members’ Contribution

DKB currently consists of 8 members: E-Chan, the group’s leader and rapper; D1, known for his dance skills and charisma; GK, the rapper with a distinctive style; Heechan, the dancer and vocalist; Lune, the vocalist with a soothing voice; Junseo, the all-rounder with a knack for performance; Yuku, who adds a unique flair with his dance and rap; and Harry June, the youngest member with impressive talents. Each member brings their own color to the group, creating a vibrant and diverse musical palette. Teo, a former member, left the group on November 6, 2023.

Global Impact and Recognition

Since their debut, DKB has been gaining attention both domestically and internationally. Their music, which ranges from powerful hip-hop to emotional ballads, resonates with a wide audience, earning them a growing fanbase.


Their fandom, named BB (Best Buddy of DKB), signifies the close bond and friendship between DKB and their fans, reflecting the group’s appreciation and love for their supporters.


Musical Diversity

DKB is known for their ability to tackle various music genres, showcasing their versatility.

Energetic Performances

Their live performances are highly praised for their energy and precision.

Youthful Appeal

DKB connects with fans through their youthful and relatable concepts.

Rising Stars

Despite being relatively new to the scene, DKB has shown potential to become one of the prominent groups in K-pop.

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