Canali Men’s Fall 2023

The storied menswear brand is acknowledging the many ways men dress today, said president and CEO Stefano Canali.



While relying on the credibility of the brand in the menswear industry honed through almost nine decades in business, Canali has been evolving its approach to fashion, acknowledging “the plurality and evolution” of the ways men dress today, said president and chief executive officer Stefano Canali.

This translates into an aesthetic that is more relaxed, yet refined, with wider silhouettes, and allows customers to mix and style their clothes with versatility and consistency at the same time, with patterns and colors that can be easily paired.

Canali this season presented models on a stage against a background of videos streaming natural images of a forest — not only an inspiration in terms of the collection’s color palette with its earthy notes of green, brown, camel and neutrals and accents of blue and red.

This foliage was also a reference to Canali’s increased focus on sustainability. A number of items were labeled as Care and produced using high quality certified organic or recycled fabrics, introducing upcycling in the padding made from fabric scraps from the production cycle.

The supersized and bold pied-de-poule pattern on a beautiful trench coat was actually graphically created from a maple leaf motif, explained Stefano Canali.

Traditional menswear motifs were revisited and appeared as jacquards on jumpers, or as prints on shirts and on textile accessories.

The collection was well edited and in line with some of the trends seen in Milan, such as the standout deconstructed corduroy suit in a cappuccino shade — sleek but at the same time looking comfortable.

In fact, comfort and function were top of mind for the design team, yet the garments, such as the diamond quilted capes, had a strong identity and telegraphed Canali’s sartorial heritage.

The materials included wool, cashmere, cashmere-silk, silk and organic cotton

A part of the collection included handmade suits, shirt jackets and coats in double, unlined and seamless.



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