AMI Spring 2024: Embracing Minimalism with a Nod to the 90s

AMI Spring 2024: A Journey Back to 90s Minimalism with a Contemporary Twist

AMI Spring 2024: Embracing Minimalism with a Nod to the 90s


AMI’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection takes you back to the 90s with its minimalist approach, blending timeless elegance with modern touches. Discover the essence of real-world fashion.

Imagine the quintessential 1990s fashion – the simplicity, the crisp lines, and the minimalist ethos. AMI, the French brand celebrated for its pragmatic and articulate fashion sensibilities, has infused this retro inspiration into its Spring-Summer 2024 men’s collection.

Fashion, akin to any form of art, is in a constant state of evolution. AMI acknowledges this and has meticulously curated garments that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also rooted in practicality. The collection is designed for real-life wearability, encouraging a mix-and-match approach to maximize wardrobe versatility.

Picture the raw, industrial ambiance of the Tennis Club de Paris, where the collection was unveiled. The iconic actor, Vincent Cassel, graced the runway, embodying the collection’s essence of simplicity, class, and elegance. This harmonious blend was a deliberate and ingenious choice by AMI’s founder and creative director, Alexandre Mattiussi.

The collection is an ode to minimalism. Long trench coats and double-breasted jackets exude an aura of polished grace. Pleated trousers and pinstripe suits evoke timeless sophistication, while leather shorts and light-wash bootcut jeans add a contemporary, playful edge.

The collection also features voluminous tailoring paired with relaxed henley tanks and point collar shirts, epitomizing a laid-back silhouette. Shrunken sweaters and skinny scarves reflect subtle, fashion-forward innovation, while sequined tops and pants add a dash of glamour.

AMI’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection is a testament to stripping away the superfluous and concentrating on the essentials. It celebrates the sheer joy of dressing, the passion for fashion, and the exuberance of personal style. This collection is a harmonious blend of the past and present, and it’s set to redefine the future of fashion with its minimalist touch.

Explore the AMI Spring-Summer 2024 collection and embrace the minimalist charm that promises to be a timeless addition to your wardrobe.


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