AKMU Profile

AKMU Profile


Akdong Musician (AKMU), comprised of the sibling duo Chanhyuk and Suhyun, has captivated audiences with their unique indie-pop sound and engaging storytelling.


After winning the reality show “K-pop Star,” AKMU debuted under YG Entertainment on April 7, 2014, with the album “PLAY.”

Members’ Contribution

Chanhyuk is the creative force behind their music, penning the lyrics and composing the melodies, while Suhyun’s pure and emotive vocals breathe life into their songs.

Global Impact and Recognition

Despite their youth, AKMU has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase for their sophisticated artistry and relatable lyrics.


While AKMU does not have an official fandom name, the bond between the duo and their listeners is deeply rooted in mutual respect and admiration.


Beyond the Music

Chanhyuk’s military service was met with support from fans, underscoring his dedication to both his country and his craft.

Solo Ventures

Suhyun has explored solo projects, demonstrating her versatility and expanding her artistic scope beyond AKMU.

Creative Storytellers

AKMU is known for their imaginative storytelling, often incorporating whimsical and creative elements into their music.

Unique Position in K-pop

By signing with YG Entertainment, AKMU has managed to retain their indie authenticity while enjoying the support of a major label.

Musical Maturity

The duo’s ability to tackle complex themes with a mature outlook sets them apart in the music industry.

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